Spring 2003 Contest


Award Ceremony Date頒獎日期: Friday, May 30, 2003 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM

Award Ceremony Venue頒獎地點: Outdoors, White Flower Quadrangle, CCU Campus 百花池廣場

Number of Skits競賽組數:

41 ( 20 traditional, 20 original, 1 live ) 20組傳統戲劇 20 創作劇 1組現場演出


Group Awards團體獎:

        Best Traditional Skit最佳傳統戲劇獎: “Xiao Chian” (Support: Christine Lou )指導老師 樓思危

        Best Original Skit最佳戲劇創作獎:

Is it a Reality?” (Support: Jules Janse van Rensburg)指導老師 朱力安

        Best Live Skit最佳現場戲劇獎: “Journey to the West” (Support: Mei Chiu )指導老師 邱美清


Individual Awards個人獎:

Best Female Role最佳女主角獎: Tiffany Sue蘇詠婷 as “Ariel”

in “The Little Mermaid” (Supported by Christine Lou)指導老師 樓思危

Best Male Role最佳男主角獎:  Tony Lee 李道興 as “The Father”

    in “The Break In” (Supported by Connie Shiue)指導老師 薛紹楣

Best English Pronunciation最佳英語發音獎: Chine-Yi Yeh 葉千溢 as “The Dog”

    in “Momotaro San” (Supported by Mei Chiu)指導老師 邱美清


Skit-Supporting Faculty指導教師: (number of skits) 指導組數

        Connie Shiue (11) 薛紹楣,  Christine Lou (9) 樓思危

        Mei Chiu (7) 邱美清,  Jules Janse van Rensburg (6) 朱力安

        Phil Moriarty (3) 莫考利,  Peter Morton (5) 彼得摩頓

Faculty Nominating Judges:評審教師

        Tim O’Brien. 歐廷熙, Iris Huang 黃玄, Allen Miller米德倫, Amy Lu  盧紹貞

Faculty Final-Round Judges決賽評審:

        Connie Shiue薛紹楣

        Phil Moriarty莫考利

        Peter Morton彼得摩頓

        Tim O’Brien歐廷熙

        Iris Huang 黃玄

        Allen Miller米德倫

        Amy Lu盧紹貞

Organizing Staff主辦人員:

        Christine Lou 樓思危 (Business Manager)

        Jules Janse van Rensburg朱力安 (Award Ceremony Emcee)

        Peter Morton 彼得摩頓 (Technical Coordinator)


Recordings: Recordings were submitted in either VHS or VCD formats, and were subsequently converted to VCD. A CD of the prize-winning works was included in the awards to the winners.