Spring 2004 Contest


Award Ceremony Date頒獎日期: Friday May 28th, 2004 from 6:30-9:00 PM

Award Ceremony Venue頒獎地點: Xin Zhong Tang, Ta Cheng Building, 大成館 興中堂

Number of Skits競賽組數:

62 (36 traditional, 22 original, 4 live) 36組傳統戲劇 22組原創戲劇 4 組現場演出


Group Awards團體獎:

        Best Traditional Skit最佳傳統戲劇獎:

A Christmas Carol” (Support: Christine Lou)指導老師 樓思危

        Best Original Skit最佳戲劇創作獎: “Love on a Diet” (Support: Phil Moriarty)指導老師 莫考利

        Best Live Skit最佳現場戲劇獎: Shooting the Seven Suns (Support: Mei Chiu)指導老師 邱美清


Individual Awards個人獎:

        Best Female Role最佳女主角獎: Jacqueline Jiang 江郁芳 as Cinderella

                in “Cinderella – Down to Earth” (Supported by Connie Shiue)指導老師 薛紹楣

        Best Male Role最佳男主角獎:  Joanne Kang 康橋芝 as “The Prince”

in “Sleeping Beauty” (Supported by Christine Lou)指導老師 樓思危

        Best English Pronunciation最佳英語發音獎: Sharon Hong 洪筱珺 as “The Rebel Daughter”

                in “The Last Christmas” (Supported by Jules Janse van Rensburg)指導老師 朱力安


Skit-Supporting Faculty指導老師: (number of skits)指導組數

        Connie Shiue (17)薛紹楣, Christine Lou (15)樓思危

        Julio Diaz (9)李家宏,     Mei Chiu (8)邱美清

        Jules Janse van Rensburg (6)朱力安,  Peter Morton (5)彼得摩頓

        Phil Moriarty (2)莫考利

Faculty Nominating Judges:

        Judy Lin林麗雲, Dennis Woodson丹尼斯,        Tim O’Brien歐廷熙,     Amy Lu盧紹貞

Faculty Final-Round and Live Skit Judges(決賽以及現場演出的評審老師)

        Dr. Lee Tien-Ren李天任校長, Dr. Lucy Yao姚崇昆,  Judy Lin林麗雲, Dennis Woodson丹尼斯, Tim O’Brien歐廷熙, Amy Lu盧紹貞,

Connie Shuie薛紹楣, Christine Lou樓思危, Julio Diaz李家宏, Mei Chiu邱美清,

Jules Janse van Rensburg,朱力安 , Peter Morton彼得摩頓, Phil Moriarty莫考利, Tom Richards,

Organizing Staff主辦人員:

        Peter Morton 彼得摩頓(Skit Submission, Archiving and Judging)

        Christine Lou樓思危 (Sponsorship and Award Ceremony)



Recordings: Skits were submitted in DVD digital format. A DVD of the 6 award-winning skits was produced, and is available for viewing.