Spring 2007 Contest

Award Ceremony Date頒獎日期: Thursday May 24th, from 6:30-9:00 PM

Award Ceremony Venue頒獎地點: International Conference Room, Hwa Kang Museum華岡博物館 國際會議廳

Number of Skits競賽組數:

64 (28 traditional, 31 original, 6 live) 28 組傳統戲劇 31組創作戲劇 6組現場演出


Group Awards團體獎:

        Best Traditional Skit最佳傳統戲劇獎: “Mr. and Mrs.” (Support: Connie Shiue)指導老師 薛紹楣

        Best Original Skit最佳戲劇創作獎: “Lonely in the City” (Support: Lee Mooney)指導老師 李孟尼

        Best Live Skit最佳現場戲劇獎: The Girl with Red Shoes (Support: Terry Wu)指導老師


Individual Awards個人獎:

        Best Female Role最佳女主角獎: Yi-Shan Li 李依珊 as “The Leading Lady”

                in “Where is my Mr. Right?” (Supported by Lee Mooney)指導老師 李孟尼

        Best Male Role最佳男主角獎: Kenny Hu 胡凱宇 as “Kenny”

                In “Click” (Supported by Peter Morton)指導老師 彼得摩頓

        Best English Pronunciation最佳英語發音獎:

Terpheeno Wu 吳欣緣 as “Narrator” and “Shylock’s Daughter”

                In “The Merchant of Venice” (Support: Connie Shiue薛紹楣and Peter Morton彼得摩頓)


Skit-Supporting Faculty指導老師: (number of skits)指導組數

        Connie Shuie (26) 薛紹楣,  Lee Mooney (12) 李孟尼, Julio Cesar Diaz (8) 李家宏

        Terry Wu (6) 黃里愛, Peter Morton (6)彼得摩頓, Vicki Huang (3)

        Julie Chen (2) 陳怡君, Judy Lin (1)林麗雲,        Jaqui Huang (1)

Faculty Nominating Judges提名評審:

        Amy Lu盧紹貞

        Karen Tsai蔡家靜

        Phil Moriarty莫考利

        Jules Janse van Rensburg朱力安

Faculty Final-Round Judges決賽評審:

        Amy Lu,盧紹貞 Karen Tsai蔡家靜, Phil Moriarty莫考利, Jules Janse van Rensburg朱力安,

Connie Shiue薛紹楣, Lee Mooney李孟尼, Julio Cesar Diaz李家宏, Terry Wu,

Peter Morton彼得摩頓, Julie Chen, Judy Lin林麗雲, Jaqui Huang

Organizing Staff主辦人員:

        Terry Wu (Sponsor Relations, Award Ceremony, Live Skits)

        Peter Morton彼得摩頓 (Skit Submission, Archiving, Distribution)


Recordings: A VCD recording was produced for the Award-Winning skits and included in the students’ prize packages.(影像保存:今年採用VCD格式記錄這次話劇競賽得獎的短劇以及學生名單。)