Spring 2014 Contest


Award Ceremony Venue頒獎地點: On-line Presentation of Awards, May 26, 2014

Number of Skits競賽組數: 22(15 traditional, 7 original) 15組傳統戲劇 7組創作戲劇


Group Awards團體獎:

Best Traditional Skit最佳傳統戲劇獎:

“Delusion” (Support: Lee Mooney )指導老師李孟尼

Best Original Skit 最佳戲劇創作獎:

“My Trip Experience” (Support: Peter Morton )指導老師彼得摩頓

Individual Awards個人獎:

Best Female Role最佳女主角獎: 鐘文婷as “Wendy”

in ”Blue Gate” (Supported by Kevin Liang )指導老師梁克文

Best Male Role最佳男主角獎: 李柏樟 as “the Student”

in “School Life with iPad” (Supported by Connie Shiue )指導老師薛紹楣

Best English Pronunciation最佳英語發音獎: 蔡妤莉 as “Mila”

in “Are We Still Friends?” (Supported by Ludy Lin)指導老師林麗雲


Skit-Supporting Faculty: (number of skits)指導老師(指導組別數)

Peter Morton (2) 彼得摩頓

Lee Mooney (7) 李孟尼

Kevin Liang (4) 梁克文

Connie Shiue (7) 薛紹楣

Vicky Huang (1) 黃曼齡

Judy Lin (1) 林麗雲

Faculty Nominating Judges:提名的評審教師

Faculty Final-Round Judges:決賽評審教師

Peter Morton彼得摩頓, Lee Mooney李孟尼, Kevin Liang梁克文, Connie Shiue薛紹楣, Julie Chen陳怡君, Julie Huang黃子玲, Kim Phillips金麗霏

Organizing Staff主辦人員:

Peter Morton彼得摩頓, Lee Mooney李孟尼

Recordings: Most skits were uploaded to Youtube, where they are available for viewing by judges, students, and the general public. You may see the list on the registration page for this year’s 2014 skit contest.